Saturday, 8 August 2009

The tool box

over on the left hand scean you have the tool box

Select tool.. selects.. or click and drag oopy

draw selecter- click and drag (not a squar)

Paint select tool- paint selected faces.

if you double click makes the option box

here you have :
hold B left mouse slide back and forth side'
Unselect' inverts selection

Next you have the move button..
here you have arrows so move and middle square to free move

Next you have Rotate button

yello is the look rotate and the red and blue is free rotate

Next you have scale toom is the same as size

Then the all in one button has it all in one
double click to the universal:
can select to pivit or center that makes this move to the ajaycent

Next is a soft modification:
fall off size can done by arrows

double click to tool.. roll off is cocalizesing options

In the cannel box node we can change radius editting on the s's created

Next show minipulator
Direction light say you have shows you what its seeing and where the camera is

the next one is what you last used icon

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