Monday, 10 August 2009

Working with joints

Creating a skelleton:

If your useing animation tap.. skeleton- joint tool

Pop over to front veiw

Hold down letter X for grid snap

I k handles need bent joints in order to work

going back to sawn new goings use the arrow keys

switch to differnt veiws to get where you want with your joints

If you go skelleton and joint tool and select a joint you want to sporn from

This is the Component mode aspose to the object mode, if you click this on and then select the question mark tool.

This turned on all the axis on all the joints.
To click and rotate and drag you can make the axis how you want it

This means rotate axis are rotating well to where you want to

Mirror joint:
Found in skelleton tab.
Select a joint and go to skelleton menue

IK handles on joints:
(Skelleton - IK hande)

to draw the IK hande click on the 1st joing and then the 2nd to draw the IK handle inbetween them

Snapped joints:
If you rotate one joint its goin to come out snapped. tho selecting neibouring joints can help smooth out joints.. EG the joints of the skelleton spines move alltogether like this.

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