Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Lamp Animation

Lamp from Rob Meech on Vimeo.

Here Ive made a Pixar Lamp Using Tools I have leant.
Here I have created propper hierarchies to my lamp and assembled a scelleton with correct orientation and used an IK handle on my controllers.
I have also come across understanding of the pole vector tool.

In animating I have used Pose to Pose animation tequnices along with finessing animation. Using and exsploring more on lighting have given me the desired effect and I have also focused on learning camera staging and motion bur aswell as raytracing.
Raytracing Is Not up to scratch, setting were too low giving poor quality and I have also Left the Image plane over the camera that give it a gray effect. I will have to rerender this at some point ... (more info)

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