Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Flash Dress (Adobe Flash that is perverts :p)

Here Is a dredd I did in Flash. This is the first go. I can see be behavior of the skirt isnt very effective with my placing and number of joints. The Skirt aswell as the joints were duplicated and placed under the skirt to creat the back of the skirt (in a darker shade) I also but the legs in order of layers. The joint tool was handy but I could not key any of the control points on the vector shape. You could however create easy and fast waves in the skirt providing you didnt overlap. Overlapping created a backface culling effect.
The reason with the gap in the dress was there was some rouge control point in the vector shap that did not want to do anything. not sure why it was messing with the whole of flash so I am just taking it as a one off error that adobe needs to fix. Here is a quick Test Im really Impressed with myself to get such nice overlap in this experiment :)

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