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.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................Here Below are the Must knows of maya tools I taught myself to learn befor I started the workload I have Created. somethings you might learn in my notes some you may not understand.. most probably because they are only my reminder notes but 40% would probably be lazy spelling.tho all below it good to know stuff so take a look.. also use the search for things youve forgotten to use..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................


Bevels the edges
(Edit mesh, Bevel)
cannel box Inputs: you can relax the bevel on the Offset

If you wanted the rounded look, simply add more offsets

charmfer vertex

select a vertise
Edit mesh-charmfer vertex
this pushes in the vertise in the gerometry.
change the distance in the vertise goes

Merge to Edge

Combine them is a must

Select the edges you want to merge
(edit mesh, Merge to Ege tool)
select the edges again to merge them.

the setting to 1st edge if you want only the first edge to move
Option Box: First

Remeber Y=Finalise!

Merging/Merge to center

2 pollygon planes
select both.. combine them in mesh conbine

select the edges
(edit mesh, merge)
Option Box:
Threshhold = edges come together

Vertices merge also

Merge to center:

Select vertese grid
(edit mesh, merge to center)
The verticys squash into the center making cuts of triangles

Detach componants

Select some faces (edit face, detatch faces)
Your basically breaking verticys/geometry

REMEMBER delete by typ history after

Duplicate Face

Select the faces you want to duplicate.
(edit mesh, Duplicate face)
Then you can pull out the face..

warning: delete by typ history

Wedge Face

Grab a face. then shift and select an edge. then (edit mesh, Wedge face)
this pulls out a new face that swings around the edge with an lofting effect.

poke face

Select a face (edit mesh, poke face)
This adds edges from every vertise into the face

Divide Tool

select a face(Edit mesh, add divisions)

This divides the face by 4.

Option box. you can set this to triangles and change the multiple.

Offset edge loop tool

This is the same but this will add multiple ones either side of an edge

insert edge loop

(Edit Mesh - insert edge loop)

creates a line that lays down around or across

warning, stops at triangle

you can go to the channel box and change the atributes aswell

Split Polly

(edit mesh - split polly tool)
select and edge and creat a point and then make this split but selecting another edge


In the option box in the divisions creates verticys equally spread on your line

Number of magnets = Number of points
Here you can be pracise with your vertices by snapping very well to your equally spread vertises.

cut Face

The cut face tool
select geometry
(edit mesh - cut face)

The line apears and thats where the cut will be.. direct the line where you want it using differnt plane angles

Apend Polly tool

(mesh-Apend Polly tool)

select edges and press enter to finalise that.. this can close a hole

Bridge tool

Mesh combine these objects!
select the edges you want to loft(Edit mesh - bridge)
a direct path of mesh
Option Box:

Divisions: can be set
Smooth path: angent path
Smooth path + Curve add a curve that you can change the verteses with

Attributes include twist ect!


grab a face
(Edit mesh)
Exstrude ing the face!

you can exstrude edges also
you can scale also

on vertices you can also exstrude
In inputs you can change the attributes of the exstruding
Remember G can repeat the Exstrude on the face rather than exstending it.

If you select a number of faces they can scale automatically together.. or exstrude also

An exstusion can also follow a curve if the curve is also selected after you select the face you want to exstrude.
(remeber the divisions need to be made to create the curve

The blue nott
can change the indabendancy of eachothers exstrusion if you to 2 at the same time

Mirror Cut / Mirroring

Mirror Cut:

select geomatry (mesh-mear cut)

compleat copy of the geomatry

cemetrical and clean geometry really in a mirror effect

select the geometry (mesh-mirror geometry)
Warning you must have it inisually on the grid.

-make sure all vertises are lined up.
-make sure they are glued.

sub divsions need to be dividable by 4 in order to mirror on a ball dont forget

sculped geometryy

sculped geometryy

polygon primative plane
select option box

Brush side
(hold down the B key and middle mouse)
Opacity = strenth
Sculpt paramiters
Push = pulls surface up
Smooth = smooth

No organic sculping!
Ideal for tarain!

to idential paintbrush's

Creat Polly tool

(mesh-create polly tool)
Creat a shape, click enter = new plane.. you can pull out this face and make new geomatry

Filling a hole

If a face/s is deleted!

to fill a hole, select an edge
Mesh fill hole
Tho on some this might not be well filled in comparrison to the rest of the object so// go: Split poly tool

select the hole object
(normals - sofern edge) to smooth the patch to make it .. well curved and not flat


Select a face (quad) or the hole object
(Mesh- Triangulate)

you can quadulate in the same way in the mesh dropdown

Clean Up

If your with quads stick with quads is a tip

select sub divishions (Mesh - clean up)

your looking for nonmanifold


Reducing the resolution

(Mesh - reduce)
Option box
you should triangulate its much more cleaner

Copy Mesh

(Mesh - copy Mesh)

polygons with the same exact typology

If you distort one, select the distorted one 1st and the undistorted one last
After youve mesh- copy mest atributes)

Inside the channel box in the inputs..
Vertises typ in on and it takes on the vertises!
and it can also take on the same colour

Average Vertices

(mesh-average vertises)
It is an anti distorting tool used.
Averageing out the vertises..finds the middle point not back to where it started

distorting the geomatry too much? use this tool


Sort of a melting effect


TYPING G= repeat

the more smoothing the more smoother.
warning more polygons added


This uses the shape of one to cutt out mesh of another

(mesh- booleans -union):combines but cutts the inner mesh from the merg of the 2 objects

differance: deletes the 2nd object selecter

cuts everything apart the mech that murged into both

Warning: creats messy geomatry

awqard faces that arnt quads
[five sided faces are not good]
Only 3s and 4 essentually should be used


Exstract Option
right click and select faces, select a face
(Mesh - exstract)

you can now pull a new mesh out of the faces geomatry


Bacically glueing together:
(mesh and combine)
The pivit point will be at the bottom of the new object that is indicated on the outliner.
clicking (Insert) key can reajust the pivit point.
(modify-Centerpivit) can also

(Modify - center pivit) puts the pivit in the center of the object automatically)

Curvs EP curve tool

EP curve:

Create EP curve tool

3 Cubic Is smooth

1 Linear Is Sharp snaps

(Surfaces menue bar.. surfaces)

Drawing an EP curve is easy, you can use vertises to reshape

Use the axis you want and click revolve

(Edit - delete by typ- History)

delete the curve

PS:It will revolve around the pivit point on the X axis.

(Serfaces - loft) can connect curve together with surface material

Working with joints

Creating a skelleton:

If your useing animation tap.. skeleton- joint tool

Pop over to front veiw

Hold down letter X for grid snap

I k handles need bent joints in order to work

going back to sawn new goings use the arrow keys

switch to differnt veiws to get where you want with your joints

If you go skelleton and joint tool and select a joint you want to sporn from

This is the Component mode aspose to the object mode, if you click this on and then select the question mark tool.

This turned on all the axis on all the joints.
To click and rotate and drag you can make the axis how you want it

This means rotate axis are rotating well to where you want to

Mirror joint:
Found in skelleton tab.
Select a joint and go to skelleton menue

IK handles on joints:
(Skelleton - IK hande)

to draw the IK hande click on the 1st joing and then the 2nd to draw the IK handle inbetween them

Snapped joints:
If you rotate one joint its goin to come out snapped. tho selecting neibouring joints can help smooth out joints.. EG the joints of the skelleton spines move alltogether like this.

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To partner select the 1st one that will be the child and hold down the shif key and select the one you want to be the parent and typ P to parent.

so P for parent and G for group just remember to select the right ones in parenting


without combining

Select all your shapes and goruping them ctrl g.. thats it
getting back to a group is going to the outliner

group one in the outliner

windows-hypergraph scene hiraqui nodes
Middle mouse drag away ungroups it from the rest

you can make childs by dragging it back but over a polygon

If i click on a children and click up arrow on keybord I can suft to differnt group hiaraques

Selection handle
(dispay-transform-Selection hande)
clck insert-Pivert point is moveable

Atribute Edditor

(Ctrl A)

Rendering globals

If you click on the 1st icon on the render tab. you have the renderview!

film clapper with 2 dots= render settings
here we have the render globals

some key settings:
File name prefix is where you can name your file

Image format.
normally AVI for animation

start and end frame must be done

renderable camers:
prespecive is what your normally seeing
but you can choose a camera that will be in the list anyway.

next image size. 640 x 480.. maybe HD? whatever you want.

if you click on the very top click maya softwhere

quality: production level is the best for an animation movie render.. but while rendering its best to put it lower quality.

Ticking raytracing tickbox really slows render time but gives really good reflecitve rendering

on the render box you can click the arrow in the box to save the render you have just made.. you can sroll on the bottom to see the difference

clicking IPR render and selecting a window by click and drag can look as the render in a small box on a part you want to see render ( But in real time). its updating everytime i change my workspace.

Pannel views!

pannels give us veiw


Prespective is stadard/
Click space bar give all differnt sides all in one
hover and tap space bar can get the the veiw you hovered over.

you can also ude the compas# layouts are also under the tool box

soft mod tool

using the outer rinf you can change the volume
if you use the arrows you can change the where abouts.. also the square the direction.

fall off curv:
In the curve edditor the area influance has changed and is mimicing the curve

Blending Animation

Ctrl D = duplicate

remeber dont delete any vertises/polly count.
Inside menue set Animation

Go to deform - create blend shame

select the 3 targets and main shape last

Inputs The blend shapes can be blended by upping the value of shapes


select the main shape. hit s (keyframe)
add a shape value up and key frame over a differnt part of time in the animation


creat a sphere, display UL elements..
This makes the time slider you need

go down and select frams in the frames box at the end of the slider

slider to 0 and hit the letter s to key frame
Red line are the keyframes

you can click on arrows to move between keyframes

Hold shift. click and drage red selection right click delete


Creat- lights -Spotlight

spotlight created at origin

move and rotate

Click on 7 for quick preview of lighting

click on pannels - look through selected can make you in first person view with the light..
to comeout is to go pannels -prespective -presective.


basics realy

right click

Assign material - Blin (shiny) lambert (non reflective)

click on blin

Atribute edditor:
fist box color.. colour picker

on the far right is the checker box
More prserjor texures-
press 6 of quick veiwing colours!


right hold is where the options are

object mode is moving the object as a hole

Vertex makes the dots that you can select the vertisies (only together)

Faces, automatically selects 4 verticys

Edjes selects 2 verticys.. the lines

The tool box

over on the left hand scean you have the tool box

Select tool.. selects.. or click and drag oopy

draw selecter- click and drag (not a squar)

Paint select tool- paint selected faces.

if you double click makes the option box

here you have :
hold B left mouse slide back and forth side'
Unselect' inverts selection

Next you have the move button..
here you have arrows so move and middle square to free move

Next you have Rotate button

yello is the look rotate and the red and blue is free rotate

Next you have scale toom is the same as size

Then the all in one button has it all in one
double click to the universal:
can select to pivit or center that makes this move to the ajaycent

Next is a soft modification:
fall off size can done by arrows

double click to tool.. roll off is cocalizesing options

In the cannel box node we can change radius editting on the s's created

Next show minipulator
Direction light say you have shows you what its seeing and where the camera is

the next one is what you last used icon

Getting interactive

Create-polygon primitive

Interative creation-tick on
this dosnt make a polygon for you, you make it yourself.
click off makes it automatically

hold the shif it will make it from the work plane

converting primatives

Serfaces NUBS, Sub D, Polygons

NURB to ploygons should be converted to Sub D 1st, just because in any case it would convert much smoother.

Converting NURBS
Select convert- nurbs to sub and then sub to polygons.

Sub D is a good bridg because its simular to nurbs and its sumular to polygons

Adaptive on options to vertices in the option boxes:
this means that the polygon selected whenever its cinverted dosnt become dencer!

Channel Box

Very Top right you have the button to open CHannel box

If you wanted to rotate acuratly you would click over the valu you wanted you and typ in the degree or highlight it middle mose and drav the value up and down

CTrL A = Atribute change

Atributes come in subdivisions in hights and Axis

Layer window: If you selects an object and click on layers and add object as layer. you have it in controle: you can make it visable easy by clicking V on and off.
You can also clock on the box next to the v. use the other box... you can click it to T = non selectable but still visable in wire.. and A in full refrence but unselectable.

Creating Primitives

Simple Objects

(Creat - pollygon - sphere/pollygon Tab) and click on the little option box.. the little box is giving you a tool to change radius and sub divisions.


(Alt Left mouse hold) = youll spin around the selected Axis [THIS IS CALLED A TUMBLE]

(Alt Middle mouse hold) = Up down left right

(Middle mouse button or right mouse hold)= Zoom in zoom out

resetting user interface

The first thing to do is go to (display - show UI elements) over to file and reset on the tool
then : (windows, settings prefrences) and reset them in the same way

This has reset everything, so if someone mucks up your maya and menu sets arnt where they sould be, this brings everything back to when maya was 1st installed.

Setting Projects

To get started Its Important to get your project folder set up in maya
(File - Project - New)

The empty boxes next to the other folders can be renames in these boxes, tho by clicking defult at the bottom they will be names as the .. well defult names.

one done you will be able to see your project in the given location you located.

Hi! If your not me then your about to embark on a bit of my crusade on getting grips with this program. Its going to cover everything I hope but Its going to be more of an escapade rather than a step by step. Its going to be very long bit hopefully you'll be able to surf quit easy on it.
Please leave comments or E-Mail me any Question ill be glad to help and any one suggesting a site or tutorial, tool or anything to do with maya that would be regarded with a thanks!