Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Cat Designs

Mice&Men Characters

Fine Art



Tim Burton Copys

Comic Water Colours

Lamp Animation

Lamp from Rob Meech on Vimeo.

Here Ive made a Pixar Lamp Using Tools I have leant.
Here I have created propper hierarchies to my lamp and assembled a scelleton with correct orientation and used an IK handle on my controllers.
I have also come across understanding of the pole vector tool.

In animating I have used Pose to Pose animation tequnices along with finessing animation. Using and exsploring more on lighting have given me the desired effect and I have also focused on learning camera staging and motion bur aswell as raytracing.
Raytracing Is Not up to scratch, setting were too low giving poor quality and I have also Left the Image plane over the camera that give it a gray effect. I will have to rerender this at some point ... (more info)


rollercoaster from Rob Meech on Vimeo.

This project I had to have a better understanding of Deformers and Clusters. I have leant how to use inbetween blend shapes and animating a pivot point ... (more info) (less info)


Here I have been leaning about Infinitys and more on curves in the graph editor parenting and grouping to get the right animation i wanted in the plannets rotation around the sun

Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball from Rob Meech on Vimeo.
This tennis ball with Input controlls squashing translating and rotating has been animated into a cycle,Working Closley with the Graph Editor adjusting animation curve tangents, a key to this cycle was using hesitation with flat tangents. This Project Ive learnt tips such as c&p keys

Playblast and work with hardware render

Toy Cars

Cars from Rob Meech on Vimeo.

here Ive been playing around with Some simple car designs and manipulating curve tangents and frams leaning quicker and easyer tools and tip to make it faster and easyer to perform moments ect for example key selecting channes and locking sertin attributes

Rustic Scene

Bar from Rob Meech on Vimeo.

In my self-directed training I have built this Sene to push myself to get better at familiarising with modelling techniques and texturing also lighting and final rendering.
Once I had finished I have been more comfortable with its tools and feel confident to create a debut CG scene of anything I want.
Here I have gatherd how to do the following:
Curve Modelling
Procedural Texturing
Polygonal Modelling
Lighting and Rendering.

The end render had a problem with Quality and the chair seems to have a shine on the frong right leg. havnt managed to find a solution, Im pretty sure Ill find one as Im leaning and come back and correct it