Monday, 14 July 2014

Spawn Model in Zbrush

Jumped into Zbrush this weekend and did some modelling. This is the Comic character I base my model on. Still in a W.I.P on fixing the OBJ file into Z brush not sure why I have a geometry problem coming up.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

c4D Rose

YEe!. today I made a rose and I think I out did myself! ohrah!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Low Polly Tree house

A low poly Tree house model with a bit of lighting I did today. For the sake of moving on to work on more complicated practises in C4D I have decided this is as far as ill take it for now.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Island Floating In Space

This was Great learning there was a clock in C4D you can twist to change the time of day in your scene.
I also used cloth to create better thickness in the tent and spawned trees using simulators.

Tropical Logo

Here I wanted to make an App button. Got to grips with Capping and Importing Illustrator files in with a great plug in I found CV ArtSmart.

C4D Pokemon Balls

Pokemon Balls, Here I was figuring out a studio layout working with Booles and polygone selection tags for the red and white. also target lighting and lofting and planes with just luminance to give that quality of reflection in the render.

C4D Stag

here is a quick Stag, This took 1 hour with getting to grips with Imageplanes. Allot similar to Maya but having lots of fun with sweeps and lofting an n-side to get this. Finding a much easier workflow to Maya.
Here are my references.

C4D Cookies

Modelling in C4D rendering with Noise in every aspect including the displacer and bump layers.

First Render. Turned out looking very uncooked.

Second render. I little more time spent playing with settings.

My InHead Animation Video

This is the finished animation studying shapes in Adobe AfterEffects. I look back on this piece thinking how i could improved it. It has definitely taken me a step further in improving my skills to work around creative challenges within the software.